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Do you find applying for funding programs complicated and stressful? We get that. Introducing new digital tools and processes into your business is no easy task and can be a considerable investment. That is why the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has developed the go-digital funding program to help traditional businesses profit from transitioning to digital tools & services.

go-digital modules

What can be funded?

IT security illustration: A man sits at his desk in his office and looks at his laptop, where his data is secure.

IT Security

This module generally deals with the protection of your IT infrastructure against external attackers, internal perpetrators or general data loss.

The projects with the focus on IT security can involve the analysis and improvement of your existing infrastructure or planning and implementing a brand new one. 

IT infrastructure, service availability, backup systems, networks growth, virtualisation, etc.

Digital market development: A man sits at his desk in his office and looks at his laptop.

Digital Market Development

This module supports you in your marketing endeavours, whether you are looking to tap into new markets and/or target new customer groups. 

The projects in this module can encompass but are not limited to the online strategy, professional internet presence as well as eCommerce solutions.

Brand strategy, marketing campaigns, eCommerce, social media, online visibility, customer experience, etc.

Illustration Digitalised Business Processes: A man sits at his desk in the office and looks at his laptop. A digital process is successfully running in the background.

Business Processes Digitalisation

This module enables you to digitalise and automate work processes in your company as well as develop new services and products for your customers.

It is particularly relevant and beneficial for your business when you deal with data entry and processing, shipment and returns management, logistics and warehousing.

Software development, automation, analogue to digital, stable processes, business model development, new product & service development, etc.

how it works

Get Funding in 3 Steps

As the officially certified go-digital partner in all three modules, we help you realise your digitalisation project with less pressure and more clarity about your financial support options. We guide you through the funding opportunities that fit your project and help you secure it. So, you can breathe out and focus on your work, not more paperwork.

1. Define the project

We sit down with you to define your goals, challenges, budget & timeline. Based on that, we make a preliminary plan of your project.

2. We make an application

Then we make an application based on the project plan we have outlined with you and take care of all the necessary paperwork.

3. Get up to 50% funding

No hassle, no advance payments. Once your funding is granted, we get down to work on the project. Find out about our process here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is go-digital?


It's a state-wide funding program that aims to help small and mid-sized companies to identify untapped opportunities for growth and development through digital tools and services.

Is my company eligible to apply?


Yes, if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • you are an established commercial or craft company that employs fewer than 100 people;

  • your turnover in the previous year was less than 20 million euro;

  • your company has permanent residency in Germany;

  • you have not received more than 200.000 euro in funding in the past three years.

What is the amount of funding?


The maximum amount is 33,000.00 euros per application. Generally, the funding rate is 50%. So, the maximum funding amount is 16,500.00 euros.

Which services are eligible?


Market-neutral performance analysis, planning and implementation of the project. Hardware and standard software are usually excluded from funding.

How do I apply?


Application, processing and provision of proof of use are carried out by the go-digital certified company.

Are there any upfront costs?


No. Unlike most other financial aid initiatives, go-digital does not require any upfront payments.

Are there any deadlines?


There are no deadlines. go-digital is open for applications all year round.

Important: There must be at least 12 months break between the completion of your go-digital project and the application for the next one.

Can I combine different modules?


Yes. You can combine and apply for up to two modules at the same time.

Important: If IT Security is not your main module, you must ....

Can two or more different companies work on my go-digital project?


Yes. Multiple service providers can be involved as long as they are go-digital certified.

Still have questions? Check go-digital website for more information or send us an email to go-digital@evomation.de

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