Case Study

How Skyline Express reduced freight costs and saved 5 work days a month

In 2019, the logistics service provider Skyline Express International GmbH added another service to their portfolio. They started offering their customers fulfilment services, including product storage, pick-up, and shipment.

We were asked to implement a lean parcel tracking solution for their end customers. As the result, we helped the company save five work days per month and optimise the freight costs.

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The Challenge

In the discovery phase, we found that an employee spent weekly one and a half workdays manually sorting several hundred shipments and then entering the shipment orders individually into the carrier's order portals.

Aside from the extreme workload involved, this approach led to two major problems:

Illustration: A perplexed man standing by a heap of unsorted packages, looking at a bunch of papers.

High Freight Costs
Because the overall shipments volume could not be determined beforehand, individual orders could not have been bundled together in a meaningful and more cost-optimised way.

Needle in a Haystack
Since there was no centralised shipment overview, when a customer enquired about their shipment status, only thanks to the good memory of the Skyline Express employee was it possible to find out which carrier the shipment had been sent with as well as its current status. When you put that into the context of a constant high volume of shipments, sometimes errors were bound to occur.

The Solution

To automate this process, firstly, the employee's specialist knowledge had to be translated into a software solution and, secondly, the data transfer with the freight carrier had to be digitalised and automated.

To achieve these goals, we took over the coordination of the service providers and supervised the introduction of shipping software. We have also analysed various sorting criteria and developed software that sorts several hundred shipments in a few moments and assigns them to suitable carriers in a cost-optimised manner.

Illustration: A man standing at his computer working. In the background, all the parcels are being sorted automatically.

The Result

We were able to support Skyline Express in optimising and automating their processes and making the specialist knowledge of an employee available company-wide.

Today Skyline Express has a digital solution that automatically connects tracking tool, shipping software, and warehouse software. When before, an employee laboriously spent about a day and a half weekly sorting shipments, today this employee can fully concentrate on their main responsibilities.

Despite a complex initial challenge, Andreas Sawatzki of Evomation supported us in developing an optimised process flow together with our employees and translating it into a custom software solution. Evomation helped us with the specification and selection of suitable technologies, software development as well as selection and coordination with other service providers involved in the project, and finally with the successful introduction of the web portal.

As a welcome bonus, we were able to optimise our freight costs and free up a considerable amount of work time for our employees to focus on other tasks.

The work of Mr Sawatzki and the company Evomation was characterised throughout the project by good ideas and valuable insights, a high level of expertise and convincing quality.

We would like to thank them for the good support and the great result!

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Kirstin Koppmann

IT Management, CIO, CDO | Skyline Express International GmbH

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